Fresh Eggs


Milky Way Farm is committed to selling products and educating the community about sustainable agriculture, farm economics, and an understanding of foods served to families.

Fresh Brown Eggs

  • Cage-Free and Hormone-Free
  • So Fresh — "a Chef's Delight"
  • Available in Dozen Packages
  • Spring, Summer, and Fall

Chester Springs Creamery Mugs

  • Perfect for remembering special farm moments.
  • Available in the Creamery.

Ice Cream Special Delivery

Send a distinctive ice cream treat to family, friends, and clients in the contiguous 48 states.

"Magic of Milky Way Farm" Children's Book

Award winning...personalized for your child.

Chester Springs Creamery T-Shirts

  • Child and Adult sizes available.
  • Available in the Creamery.

 Ice Cream Cakes 

Ice cream cakes available to celebrate special events. Order mid-April through late October. 72-hour notice is required (ie. deadline is Wednesday at 6pm for weekend orders). Simple decorations highlight the ice cream goodness. Most allergies can be accommodated.