“Farm to Table”

Exclusive Milky Way Farm to Table Dining Experiences…featuring farm fresh local foods prepared by Chef Jonathan Amann of Amani’s BYOB.

Talk to the family to learn about Milky Way Farm and our expanding mission. Celebrating the success of our Farm to Table Event..Check out the review written by Amy Strauss and stay tuned for more details about our future Farm to Table event. The farm’s scene is like you’d expect as the night nears – the 100+ acres of fields’ lay still, the herds of Holstein cows have headed toward the barn to bed, and overall, the undeniably peaceful setting is almost shocking, as well-travelled highways are just mere miles away. But, on this particular night, the Matthews family has decided to do something they have not yet done – they’re hosting a farm-to-table dinner. Chef Jonathan Amann of Amani’s BYOB in Downingtown, Pa., manned the kitchen for the night, constructing four unforgettable courses. Amann has built his reputation as a chef creating locally-inspired and -sourced dishes for mindful crowds since debuting Amani’s BYO in 2009 with his wife, Jeanine. Appropriately so, Chef Jon has been partial to sourcing a majority of his meats from Milky Way Farm from day one, celebrating the local farming and agricultural culture each day, plate by plate. Joining the Matthews and the Amanns are Lance and Valerie Castle, one-half of the wine-savvy operating team at Black Walnut Winery. Lance, the eloquent winemaker of the Sadsburyville, Pa.-based winery, prepped for the occasion by expertly calibrating sips that would enhance and accompany each of the evening’s pairings. And, with this confident rosy accent on the event’s roster, we’re eager to bite (or, shall we say sip) into the evening. Part of Milky Way Farm’s mission is to educate children and adults about agriculture and why farming is important in our lives. Their feast did just that, vibrantly exposing their gifts for hungry supporters, illustrating how modern-day farmers stay afloat by working side-by-side with their community (the Matthews with the Amanns, the Amanns with the Castles, the Nobles with Matthews… the list continues). “We thank you for working with us to develop relationships with you and our products,” concluded Carolyn, following a rousing applause from the thoroughly satisfied guests. Community and agriculture? A match made in food lover’s paradise. To the Matthews, we thank you. Your ability to successfully maintain the ancestral landscape through tradition and current-day innovations is mind-blowing – and, we tip our wannabe-farmer hats to you. “The Amani’s BYOB dinner at Milky Way Farm was a truely unique farm to table dining experience.  We can’t wait until the next one!” Chris and Diane Wightman