Ice Cream by Candlelight

Ice Cream by Candlelight…July 20th….

This “after hours” event is the perfect way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day eve. The details have been finalized and we are ready to launch the night…..The fixed price menu detailed in the photo takes ice cream creations to a new level with the fun of candlelight, live acoustic guitar, and wait staff. To make the evening be successful, select the reservation time best for you by “pasting the link” in your browser. Space is limited so be quick to sign up and experience the excitement. Remember to get snazzy in your date night apparel.

 $10 Per Person

Choose Your Creation

  • Sundae (2 scoops)
  • Waffle & Ice Cream
  • Banana Split (3 flavors)                     

Then pick your flavor:    

  • Milky Way Vanilla 
  • Peggy’s Peachy Keen                                                   
  • Geneva’s Chocolate
  • Beau’s Brownie Bliss
  • Summer’s Sweet Strawberry   
  • Melody’s Mocha Chip
  • Molly’s Mint Chip    
  • Tara’s Tiramisu 
**Sorbet upon special request**


Hot Fudge, Warm Caramel, Rainbow or Chocolate Sprinkles, Blueberries, Strawberries, Wet Walnuts 

Complimentary Group Sampler to be enjoyed at the table: 

Hazel’s Mootella * Priscilla’s Pistachio * Trixie’s Toffee Crunch  Flora’s Lavender and Cream 

Date Night Apparel * Acoustic Music * Waitstaff * Reservations






  Yes, this a flashback event to a night when we lost power and served ice cream by candlelight more than 15 years ago.