Making Ice Cream with Distinction

All of our ice cream is manufactured and packaged on site at Chester Springs Creamery. Our sugar-based ice cream is premium grade and homemade. We also offer a sugar-free vanilla and a sorbet. Kindly remember that some flavors are seasonal and not always available.

Our moolicious ice cream flavors are named after our cows, the source of wholesomeness.”

Our cows, our milk … your favorite premium homemade ice cream”

Bessie’s Black Raspberry Katie’s Cookie Dough Chip
Blossom’s Butter Pecan Molly’s Mint Chocolate Chip
Claire’s Cookies n’ Cream Duchess’s Chocolate Supreme
Classic’s Rich Coffee Summer’s Sweet Strawberry
Milky Way Vanilla Joy’s Peanut Butter Fudge
Caramel’s Dulce de Leche Polly’s Pumpkin Pie (Fall)
Melody’s Mocha Chip Abby’s Apple Cinnamon (Fall)
Geneva’s Chocolate Peggy’s Peachy Keen (Late July)
Miss Marple’s Maple Walnut (Spring/Fall) Lilly’s Lemon Sorbet (Summer)
Tara’s Tiramisu Ruby’s Raspberry Sorbet (Fall/Spring)
Vicki’s Vanilla Fudge Ripple Carly’s Bordeaux Cherry
Bea’s Banana Chocolate Chunk Ginger’s Chai Tea
Jingle’s Peppermint Stick (Summer/Fall) Roxanne’s Rocky Road
Cleo’s Coconut Trudy’s Raspberry Truffle
Belle’s Blueberry Cheesecake (Summer) Opal’s Orange Pineapple
Robin’s Cinnamon Ribbon Sammi’s Smores
Snicker’s Heavenly Sundae (Spring/Summer) Dixie’s Coconut Almond Delight
Margarita’s Lime Sorbet (Summer) Susie’s Sugar Free Vanilla Strawberry Swirl
Priscilla’s Pistachio Beau’s Brownie Bliss
Ada’s Amaretto Pear Sorbet (Spring/Summer) Reba’s Raspberry Lemondade Sorbet (Summer)
Rosie’s Rainbow Sprinkle Cake Trixie’s Toffee Crunch
Autumn Harvest Cheesecake (Fall) Paradise’s Pina Colada Sorbet (Summer)